Linien 2021

LINES 2021

Mother drone:
leg. 236 (DB) = .17–V280(NK)mmB66(NK).
A detailed description can be found in the autumn letter 2020.

Breeding mothers 2021
?? (BZF) = .19-ivq.B562(PJ) frkg B15(LE)
As in previous years, we will select 4-5 breeding mothers from this year’s 35 remaining drone colonies in spring. These will be the mothers for our breeding queens. Therefore, no pedigree number can be given at this time.

Breeding mother 2021, HYG+
imq. B29(BZF) = .18- imq.B15(LE) ley B34Vt(LS)

In 2019 inseminated queens from the breeding of Jos Guth/Paul Jungels were purchased. We decided to breed from the mating B822(PJ) ins V880(PJ). It met our expectations in every aspect. The colony has so far handled well the mite and did not need to be treated.

From the B144(FBL) we will follow up in 2021 on a limited scale and offer these queens mated in Friedrichskoog under the designation “HYG+/Varroa untreated queen”.