Lines 2022


In the past, we have exclusively bred from the best drone colonies of the previous year at the Friedrichskoog lmating station. This procedure has proven successful and we will continue to do so in the future. Once in 2019, however, we also bred from queens with a particularly pronounced hygienic behaviour, which were not at the pollination site. In 2022, we will again have enough queens at our disposal that were at the breeding station in the previous year and from which we will then breed again. The path to our breeding mothers takes place in close cooperation with the operators of the Friedrichskoog country hive:

Approximately 150-200 daughters from a selected drone mother are mated in Friedrichskoog in the previous year.
Of these sisters, the best 60 are set up as drone colonies in the actual breeding year at the pollination site.
From these we select the 3 best queens as breeding mothers in the following year.
The daughters of these breeding mothers are mated with a new drone line introduced to our mating station in Friedrichskoog and sold to our customers. The new drone mother is of course not related to the breeding mother.

LINES 2022

Drone mother:
leg. 87 (DB) = .18–V263(DB)leyB34Vt(LS) 1.dr
Our drone mother for the breeding season 2022 was bred like the breeding queen 2021 also by Detlev Biel. He has described his B87 in detail on the homepage of the breeding station.

Breeding mothers 2022

As in previous years, we will select 4-5 breeding mothers from the approx. 40 drone colonies still available from 2021 in spring and re-list them. This procedure has proven successful and is the last selection by me. The honey yield is not the decisive selection criterion at this point for the reasons mentioned. For this reason, no pedigree numbers can be given at this stage:

?? (BZF) = .20- B234(DB) frkg B562(PJ)

In 2019 inseminated queens from the breeding of Jos Guth/Paul Jungels were purchased. We decided to breed from the matings B822(PJ) into V880(PJ). They were only kept as yielding colonies in 2020 and have met our expectations in every respect. The three existing queens of identical parentage have so far coped well with the mite and did not need to be treated. After the 2020 breeding season, these queens were relocated to Mini Plus units to limit their egg laying.

imq B144(FBL) = .19-B822(PJ) into V880(PJ) 1dr

From this B144(FBL) we will breed in limited numbers in 2022 and offer these queens mated in Friedrichskoog under the name “HYG+ Buckfast Queen”.

In addition, we can offer you wintered queens from last year’s mating in spring:

Mother queen

Father queens

These queens are in our orchard and are bursting with vitality. We will only decide how many of them are worth breeding after wintering. They will be shipped in early/mid May, temperatures permitting.