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In memoriam….

In memoriam …

On 14.02. 2023, our friend master beekeeper Detlev Biel laid down his hive chisel forever. He had been a collaborator within our Buckfast breeding community in Friedrichskoog for many years and played a decisive role in the development of our breeding programme.

As a result, he developed his passion for breeding in addition to honey beekeeping. He saw much more than most beekeepers. He was able to dive into the very essence of bees, that which distinguishes beekeeping genius and can only be learned to a certain extent.

The basis of his breeding work was – apart from his large number of colonies – the visit of almost all northern German Buckfast polling stations and the moonlight mating.  Thanks to his meticulous documentation, he always kept track of the large number of lines. He managed unique matings. The Buckfast Zucht Friedrichskoog owes many drone mothers to his tireless work.

Detlev, we bow our heads in respect and gratitude to your life’s work. We will miss you not only as a beekeeper, but also as a person and friend. Our deepest sympathy goes to Diana and the children.

Our silent farewell follows you into your eternity.

Dr. Peter Stöfen

Jens Steinfeld