Below you can see the selection of high quality queens from our own breeding, which are available from beginning/mid June. Alternatively you can order by email, phone or letter. Simply download the corresponding order form as pdf.

German: 2024 Bestellformular
English: 2024-orderform

Please note: We can only give a certain number of queens to our customers. If these are out of stock, we will gladly take your order for next year.
The photos are examples. Of course every queen looks a little bit different!


Please choose the number of queens you want and the shipping method.

Fill in the order form with your personal data. Please be exact, as these data will later be used for the shipping of the queens. Please be sure to include a telephone number so that the postman can reach you in case of delivery problems.

Send the order form and shortly afterwards you will receive a copy of your order including terms and conditions and privacy policy.

As soon as we have received your order, we will make everything clear in our internal administration program and send the  confirmation including delivery date, payment information and the invoice. This may take a few days. Please pay only AFTER having received this email, quoting the invoice number and your name. We kindly ask for payment up to approx. 3 weeks before the delivery date. Thank you.

Approx. 1 week before the date of dispatch we usually confirm this date again by email. That would be the last time to change something and e.g. to postpone the shipment.

  • IMPORTANT: We only ship within the EU. Due to incalculable postal delivery times and climatic extremes, we only ship to Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Portugal at the customer’s risk

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