In the past, we have only used the best of last year’s drone populations from the Friedrichskoog mating station. This approach has proven itself and we will continue to do so in the future. Once in 2019, however, we had also bred from queens with a particularly pronounced hygiene behaviour who were not on the station. In 2020, we will have enough queens available again, which were on the site this year and from which we will then follow up again. The way to our breeding mothers is done in close cooperation with the operators of the mating station Friedrichskoog:

About 150 – 200 daughters of a selected drone mother are mated in Friedrichskoog in the previous year. Of these sisters, the best 60 are placed as drone colonies in the actual breeding year at the mating station.
From these we select the 4 best queens as breeding mothers in the following year.
The daughters of these breeding mothers are paired with a newly introduced drone line in Friedrichskoog and sold to our customers. The new drone mother is of course not related to the breeding mother.

  • Lines 2020

Drone mother:
B562 (PJ) = .19–ivq. B621(PJ) ins B138(PJ)

A detailed description (evaluation) can be found in the spring letter 2020.

Breed mothers 2020
B63 (BZF) = .18-imq.B15(LE) frkg B92(DB)

It is a well-bred bee, which meets all criteria of a typical Buckfast bee.

Breed mother 2020, HYG+
imq. B29(BZF) = .18- imq.B15(LE) ley B34Vt(LS)

Detlev Biel gave me a queen mated to Leyhörn in 2018. This population did not need to be treated against the mite like all other drone colonies of this year. We offer them under the name “HYG +”.

The individual evaluations can be found in the pedigree BZF at our beekeeper colleague van Dyck.