Buckfast-Zucht EN


Apiary Dr. Peter Stöfens shop for Buckfast Queens (BZF)

Shipping costs 2023

Dear fellow beekeepers,

Prices per delivery:
(One delivery, up to 7 queens)

Germany: dhl Express, EUR 20.00

Abroad: Delivery only within the EU. EUR 20,-

Shipment as “Auslandsbrief priorité”, as “Warensendung International”, or also as dhl parcel. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Great Britain due to the complicated customs regulations.

Please note: The express shipment of queen bees by air freight with providers such as dhl Express, Fed Ex, ups etc. is (unfortunately) excluded by the applicable transport conditions. Due to the fact that we always ship queens destined for foreign countries on Monday, they usually arrive within the same week.

We therefore ask for your patience.