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Payment in advance
Dear bee keepers,

unfortunately there are more and more bee keepers who do not pay their invoices and we have to put a lot of work in to get the money.
But we would prefer to use our workingpower for our bees and not for the paperwork.
Therefor we kindly ask all of our customers to pay at least three weeks befor date of shipping. This allows us to check everything.

I apologize for that and ask you for your understanding.

With best regards,
Jens Steinfeld

Dear Sirs,

express shipping in Europe is not possible anymore.
The last express carrier denied to ship queens. Therefor we will use Deutsche Post and ship the queen als "Warenlieferung International", Priorité.
RFID-Tracking is possible (unfortunately not in all european countries yet).
We expect all deliveries to arrive in the same week.

EUR 20,- inside European Union

Our breeding lines in 2019:

The drone mother for 2019 in Friedrichskoog will be B15(LE) from Lutz Eggert.
We have a sufficent number of daughters of B15 so that we can make our selection on the basis of hygiene criteria in the spring. This will enable us to place colonies with a hygienic behaviour of more than 85% in the mating station.

Drone mother 2019 :
B15 (LE) = .16 –GR 65(LE) mrk B59 (MKN)
.15.- B103(IC) ilv mrk GR53(MKK)

A detailed description (in the form of an evaluation) will be provided in the Spring Letter 2019.

Breed mother 2019
B???? (BZF) = .17-B92(DB) frkg144(HS)

As in previous years, we will select and graft 4-5 colonies from the approximately 35 remaining drone colonies in the spring. As a result it is not possible to provide a pedigree number at this time.

This is where my breeding work as a multiplier lies. It is in creating a thoroughly bred bee that meets all the criteria of a Buckfast bee and was described in detail in our spring letter this year. The names Detlev Biel and Stefan Holmer speak for themselves!

Days of shipping
Dear Sirs,

all our international deliveries will be shipped on Mondays. We use Deutsche Post, which cooperates with all national mailcarriers. Using "Warenbrief International Priorité" and Tracking we expect all deliveries to arrive in the same week.

Overwintered Queens
Dear Sirs,
as in last year we will offer some high quality overwintered queens. They are 189,- EUR each.
As it looks in the moment we might be able to ship them in May. But this depends on the temperatures.
If you are interested: Please order by E-Mail.

Best regards, Jens Steinfeld
Sales & Marketing

2nd Movie about our beekeeping work online

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