Our Mating Station
The peninsula of Friedrichskoog is surrounded by water on 3 sides. In the north the Dithmarscher bay, in the west the North Sea and in the south the river Elbe. The average wind speed is approx. 6.8 m/s. This area has one of the highest wind speeds in Germany. 90 % of the winds come from western directions. Usually drones are not able to fly longer distances against the wind, so no foreign drones come along and settle.

In an extensive area of approx. 2 hectares of size, sheltered from the wind, the mating boxes can be built up very easily. In an immediate proximity rape (canola) is cultivated so that our colonies of drones can be hibernated on the spot. During summer the supply with nectar and poll is given by the near located wild field, but mainly by the lilac areas at the beach on the outer dyke. An optimal condition of our more than 40 colonies of drones is ensured during the complete mating period.

In an inland directional radius of 12.5 km there consists a legal mating station protection. Furthermore the bee colonies of all beekeepers have been exchanged in a radius between 12.5 km to approx. 16 km with queens of our cultivation.

Due to this we have set up a safe mating station to be able to contribute our part to a long-term receipt of the Buckfast bee.

The "Belegstelle Friedrichskoog" is driven by four really engaged Buckfast-Beekeepers: Dr. Peter Stöfen, Peter Arndt, Detlev Biel und Friederike Brondtke. Our head of marketing, Jens Steinfeld, takes care of everything else concerning information and sales of our Buckfast queens.

  Imkerei Dr. Peter Stöfen
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