Start of the season

Dear fellow beekeepers,
We hope that you were able to gather some strength at the end of the year. It has not been an easy year for any of us and I think we have all become aware of what it means to fight a pandemic. Imagining what it means for our bees to fight off mites and other threats every year perhaps becomes a little clearer.
And in any case, it strengthens our efforts to continue to focus on breeding hygienic queens.
The lines we will be mating in 2021 are promising in any case.

What else is there to report?
– In 2020, we had a good year at the mating station. We were able to maintain a high density of drones for a long time and thus achieve good mating results even at the end of the season. This meant that we were able to send out Buckfast queens until the end of September/beginning of October (!!!).

– The delays in shipping abroad caused by the Covid 19 pandemic also affected us to some extent. Individual shipments to France, Italy and Romania took much longer than planned. But our “little ladies” proved to be extremely robust. 3 weeks travelling time and then immediately in a hurry were the record. And the few cases where they didn’t make it, we quickly made up for with prompt subsequent deliveries.

Thanks to our partner DHL Express, there were no significant losses in Germany. We will therefore continue with our traceable express shipping in any case. The healthy arrival of our queens is worth it to us. Unfortunately, it is still not allowed to send queen bees abroad by air freight express.

– As of now, we are happy to accept orders for this year.

– And the best for the end:
We are leaving the prices for our queens and for shipping stable!

Stay healthy!