Shipping in Covid 19 times …..

Dear beekeeper colleagues,

despite the transport system being heavily used due to the pandemic, the shipping of our queens is going amost well this year.

Thanks to dhl Express almost all queens are delivered safely the next day. In all other cases we were able to replace them quickly. We are convinced of this shipping method and will continue to use it.

Here the situation is somewhat more difficult. Since international shipping of queen bees by express services is not permitted, we use as in the last years the German Post and local partners. While this worked relatively well in the past years with delivery times of 2-5 working days, this year we are more likely to be at 4 – 8 working days. Since we always ship on Monday, most shipments reach their destination in the same week. Some unfortunately also arrive the following week. Problematic countries with long shipping times are Greece, Romania and in certain regions also France and Italy. We ask for patience, but unfortunately this is not in our hands…

Best regards, Jens Steinfeld